Thursday, Oct. 20

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Thursday, Oct. 20

8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery C
Registration and Exhibit Hall Open
Come pick up your convention program, name badges and play exhibitor bingo for your chance to win a prize to bring home.

9 a.m. • Homer • Topics: Promotions, Web/Social Media
Social Media for Student Media

9 a.m. • Hopper • Topics: News, Sports
The Art of the Interview for Broadcast and Print

9 a.m. • Warhol • Topics: News, Producing/Writing
What Do You Mean I’m Producing/Anchoring Tonight’s Newscast?

9 a.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B • Topics: Programming, Production
Sound Art, Radio Art and the Listener Experience

9 a.m. • Wyeth Gallery A • Topics: Success Stories, College Radio History
Preserving College Radio History: Advice from the Radio Preservation Task Force

9 a.m. • Wyeth Gallery B • Topics: Programming
Topics in Radio Programming

10 a.m. • Homer • Topics: Law, Programming
Where’s the Line? College Broadcasters and Indecency

10 a.m. • Hopper • Topic: Advisers
College Media Program Review: What it is and why you should be a part of it

10 a.m. • Warhol • Topics: Programming, Promotions
Local Music Community Connections for College Radio

10 a.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B • Topic: Podcasting, Web/Social Media
Extending The Brand: Not Just About the Radio Signal Anymore

10 a.m. • Wyeth Gallery A • Topics: Career, News
Everyone Has a Story: The Art of Storytelling for Television

10 a.m. • Wyeth Gallery B • Topics: Tech, Roundtable
Roundtable: Radio Production Roundtable

10 a.m. – noon
Radio/TV Clinic
By appointment only. Register online here.

11 a.m. • Homer • Topics: Advisers, Leadership
Student Media Assessment Made Easy-ish

11 a.m. • Hopper • Topic: Programming
Radio in an Audio World

11 a.m. • Warhol • Topic: Roundtables
Roundtable: Call to Action for Radio … in your Community

11 a.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B • Topics: Advisers, University Relations
Getting Along with Your Licensee: Radio

11 a.m. • Wyeth Gallery A • Topic: Promotions
50 Promotions Ideas in 50 Minutes

11 a.m. • Wyeth Gallery B • Topics: News, Video
Covering News in a Small Town for Video

1 p.m. • Homer • Topics: Law, Fundraising
Legal Issues in Program Sponsorship and Underwriting

1 p.m. • Hopper • Topics: Video, Web/Social Media
Video for Your Radio Station: A Necessity Today

1 p.m. • Warhol • Topics: Advisers, The Business of College Radio
Adviser Roundtable: Is Your Radio Station Pre-Professional? Should It Be?

1 p.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B • Topics: Success Stories, Web/Social Media
A Guide to Building and Using Your Station’s Website

1 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery A • Topics: Multimedia, Programming
Producing a Multi-Media Morning Radio Show

1 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery B • Topic: Sports
Ins and Outs of On-Field Sports Reporting

2 p.m. • Homer • Topic: Sports
SportsTalk Radio

2 p.m. • Hopper • Topics: Multimedia, Promotions
Zines 101

2 p.m. • Warhol • Topic: Roundtables
Policies on Inflammatory Language Roundtable

2 p.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B • Topics: Advisers, Success Stories
It’s Not 1975 … or 1995: Reinventing Campus Radio from “Club” Culture to Real Station

2 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery A • Topics: Programming, Tech
Radio Live Broadcasting, Streaming, and Recording

2 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery B • Topics: Funding, Success Stories
From Pitch to Production: A Guide to Funding Upgrades for Radio and Video

3 p.m. • Hopper • Topics: Funding, Success Stories
On-air Fundraising from $0 to $60,000

3 p.m. • Hopper • Topics: Programming, Promotions
Fight to be Heard: Strategies for Finding and Building an Audience for Your Radio Station

3 p.m. • Warhol • Topic: Rountables
Web-Only Station Roundtable

3 p.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B • Topics: News, Podcasting
Painting Stories with Sound

3 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery A • Topic: Programming
On-Air, Interviewing Bands, Show Prep and Effective Social Media Tips

3 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery B • Topic: Law
Mid-term Examination: Prepare for FCC License Renewal Now!

3-5 p.m.
Radio/TV Clinic
By appointment only. Register online here.

4 p.m. • Homer • Topic: Funding
Starting or Restarting Your Underwriting Program

4 p.m. • Hopper • Topics: Tech, Digital Audio
The Power of Digital Audio

4 p.m. • Warhol • Topic: Roundtables, Web/Social Media
Social Media Guidelines: What’s the Right Way to Extend Your Reach for Radio and TV/Video

4 p.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B • Topics: Sports, Success Stories
Landing an Olympic Internship

4 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery A • Topics: News, Video
Guerilla Video Editing for TV News, Profit, and Because the Boss Told You to

4 p.m. • Wyeth Gallery B • Topic: Programming
Radio Programming in the Digital Age

5:15 p.m. • Whistler Gallery A/B
CBI Membership Meeting
All CBI members (students and faculty/staff) are encouraged to attend its annual membership meeting. CBI board members will provide updates on the state of the organization and give you an opportunity to let them know what you want from CBI.
Greg Weston, President, CBI and General Manager, University of Pittsburgh, WPTS-FM

6:30 p.m. • Wyeth Ballroom Foyer
All Delegate Social and Swag Swap
Join us on the opening night of the convention for a social event where you can talk with those you met during the opening day and network. Age-appropriate beverages will be be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to the networking opportunities, you will be able to learn about what swag media outlets are using, the vendors they work with and pick up samples. Be sure to bring your own swag to swap!
Jamie Lynn Gilbert, Associate Director of Student Media/Station Adviser, North Carolina State University, WKNC-FM


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